Zero One - 01  LOOKBOOK 

Zero One - 01  LOOKBOOK 

Zero One - 01

Zero One, is the brand’s first menswear collection. It represents a new beginning and an expression of pride in Hage’s Arab heritage. It is a celebration of traditional Middle Eastern design cues, from thawbs and abayas, to the flow of fabric and collar details. It is a distillation of Hage’s near-decade in the fashion industry in Paris, Beirut and London and brings her newfound desire to dig deep into Arab storytelling into conversation with her earlier influences, from the Antwerp Six to the Japanese aesthetic ideals. 

The original idea for the collection came from a custom collaboration on an full-length thawb for Sultan Al Darmaki, a shoe designer, for an event at London Fashion week. This challenged Hage’s usual influences and led to months of research on Lebanese and wider Levantine and Arab history and memory at museums in Beirut, at the British Library, and through collecting the oral histories of elders in her hometown and ancestral village. 

Nour Hage is a unique position as a female Arab designer of menswear to bring a new sensibility to the market. In this moment of increased diversity and representation in the wider culture, it is essential to bring that conversation into fashion. 

This collection places itself firmly in a renewed wave of Arab pride amongst a generation of young creatives in music, art, filmmaking, literature and design that has emerged in the last decade. A generation intent on mining its own understanding of its past and present to forge a path to a hopeful future together. 

Zero One is a limited-run collection of numbered pieces, including shirts, full-length thawbs, flowing abayas, all of which have a raw and unpolished feel that is offset by the rich British and Italian wool & cotton fabrics used. The entire collection is produced in Lebanon, in a tiny factory in the hills above Beirut.