SOJI - Limited Edition Scarves - Dec 2014

SOJI is a limited run of 10 scarves made from the cut-out fabric left over from the BLAO collection. While some might think it is odd to use these discarded scraps of material, I actually think it is a designer’s responsibility to not produce waste and to give every element the life it deserves. Basically, all design come with a degree of responsibility. 

All the pieces were made using an arm knitting technique, where your arms act as huge needles. This means the stitches end up being much larger and the scarf has a lot of drape. 

         Some Facts:

  • SOJI means ‘recover’ in Yoruba. 
  • There are 10 scarves in total. Each numbered. 
  • There are 4 different types of scarves.
  • The Red scarf is a printed jersey.
  • The Black/Grey scarf is wool + cashmere.
  • The Rosewood/Brown scarf is wool + cashmere.
  • The Beige/Grey scarf is mohair + cashmere.

    This collection is sold out.